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Correct use of the body when working with screens

Correct use of a mobile phone and office desk can relieve pain and prevent strain of muscles and joints. In addition, a good organization of the working environment can improve posture and help maintain a high level of alertness throughout the day.

Correct use of a mobile phone and

consequences of poor posture

We frequently use mobile phones during the day for browsing the internet/checking messages. The common posture when using a phone usually involves tilting the head and upper body forward and rotating the neck. This posture is not natural and can cause headaches, neck problems and inflammation in the shoulder, elbow, wrist and thumb joints.

Measures to improve posture and decrease

strain when using a mobile phone

Sitting in front of a regular office desk

Sitting for long hours is not healthy for the body and is accompanied by an increased risk of weight gain, diabetes and heart disease. In addition, poor posture while sitting can cause headaches, neck pain, back pain and also inflammation in the joints.

Arrangement of the workplace when

using a regular desk

Working with a height adjustable desk

A height adjustable desk allows you to stand comfortably during your working day. It has many health benefits including improvement in back pain and feeling an increase in energy levels and work productivity. In addition, it can reduce your chance of suffering from heart disease.

Arrangement of the workplace when

using a height adjustable desk

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