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Yaron Konigsberg 

Yaron Konigsberg qualified with a Masters Degree (M.Ost) and a Diploma in Osteopathy (DO) from the European School of Osteopathy, University of Greenwich. Following graduation, he completed an MSc course in Pain Science at the School of Medicine, King's College London. Yaron has additional training in Remedial Massage, dry-needling, psychotherapy, mindfulness and Nutritional Medicine- qualified as a consultant in Natural Medicine in accordance with the Rambam Approach.


Yaron is a lecturer in Pain Medicine in the Technion Postgraduate Continuing Education Unit and teaches courses for physicians and paramedical professions specialising in management of musculoskeletal pain.


From a young age I had a passion for engaging in physical activity. My background started in gymnastics and progressed to martial arts, endurance races and rock climbing throughout the world. Following intensive use of the body I suffered from complex injuries that did not find resolution through conventional medicine. I decided to study osteopathy to seek solutions for pain and also out of a keen interest in anatomy. I realised throughout my training the importance of using palpation as part of the diagnostic process. This is in order to locate in the soft tissues and joints regions characterised by stiffness, inflammation, swelling, limitation of movement and hypersensitivity. Following graduation I decided to broaden my professional knowledge and continued to study the fields of pain science, nutrition and psychology. My ambition is to understand the experience of pain in all its complexity and apply my knowledge in the clinic among patients who are in need of help.

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